Doctor William Cole Jr., DO: OrthoMed Pain & Sports Medicine in Sarasota and Venice, Florida, features a team of world-class pain management specialists. Under the direction of William J Cole Jr., DO, and Sandeep Kola, DO, the practice focuses on finding and fixing the root cause of a patient’s pain condition.

People from all over the country come to OrthoMed Pain & Sports Medicine to get relief from their pain. The practice specializes in diagnosing and treating back pain, chronic pain, and neuropathy.

The pain management experts also specialize in identifying and treating COVID-19 complications using their coronavirus advanced treatment systems (CATS).

OrthoMed Pain & Sports Medicine has a reputation for helping those with rare, mysterious, misdiagnosed, and undiagnosed conditions use their “God-given ability to heal.” Using innovative treatments like advanced pure platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and Fluid Flow, the team helps the body health without unnecessary drugs or surgeries, using conservative, interventional, and regenerative medicine.

The practice also provides medical marijuana consultations and assistance with Florida’s Medical Marijuana Use Registry. OrthoMed Pain & Sports Medicine also has medical-grade cannabidiol (Brain Injury/ TBI).

Taking a holistic approach to care, the team at OrthoMed Pain & Sports Medicine conducts comprehensive chart reviews and diagnostics to uncover the exact underlying cause of a patient’s disorder. This comprehensive assessment allows the team to generate individualized, effective, multidisciplinary treatment plans that maximize function and minimize pain.

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