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John Duong is a Doctor of Chiropractic and an entrepreneur who creates a system for people to heal themselves from within. Dr. Duong is an international speaker and an author of five books on chronic pain and disease. He has practiced tai chi for over thirty-one years and consults with patients internationally including patients in Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Taiwan, and India. Dr. Duong combines Western technologies and Eastern healing to (1) recognize the patient’s pattern of chronic pain/disease and (2) to offer healing solutions. He believes that to heal chronic pain and disease doctors must determine and address the root cause or causes of the patient’s condition and then let the body heal.

In this seminar, he will discuss two main causes of neck and back pain and explain how to heal the pain with a system that he has found to be effective.

Books by Dr. Duong

  • How to Heal with Martial Art. The first book written for the public that discusses Chinese Healing Techniques and its use in the treatment of common soft tissue and repetitive strain injuries.
  • Unraveling Your Thyroid Symptoms: How Thyroid Symptoms Are Caused by Autoimmunity. The book’s focus is natural healing for the common thyroid problem.
  • Keys to Defeat Your Neuropathy...Naturally. This book concentrates on natural healing of neuropathy pain and the management of diabetes.
  • Common Mistakes Made by Chronic Knee Pain Sufferer. This book identifies the common mistakes made by chronic knee pain patients, as well as the natural management of common knee pain.
  • The New Way to Beat Chronic Neck & Back Pain. This book offers insight and practical approaches to the management and treatment of neck and low back pain.

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